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After taking a series of measurements from the rider ( which can be performed in as little as 10 minutes), the system will generate a comprehensive report which includes frame size and all the important fit parameters (including seat height, saddle setback, reach and drop).

This is followed by a series of dynamic on the bike measurements which incorporates 5 objective and simple steps to eliminate and incorrect variables in the fit.
What makes ErgoFit different to competing products? There are a number of bike fitting products on the market…

ErgoFit is the first and only system to incorporate dynamic measurements such as flexibility and factors like training history and volume to predict bike fit. As a result, ErgoFit is significantly more accurate than any other of the systems available.

As an example: A 20 year old elite rider vs. a 60 year old social rider with a history of lower back surgery would receive the same  fitting when using a competitive system. With ErgoFit, the fitting values for these individuals would be dramatically different. With ErgoFit, the fitting values for these individuals would be dramatically different.

The incorporation of a 5 step dynamic checking process ensures that the fitting parameters are 100% correct. This process is objective, time efficient and extremely accurate.

How was ErgoFit developed?
Using the data from thousands of scientifically performed bike fittings, statistical software was used to analyze the relationship between bike fit parameters and the characteristics of the athlete (variables) that predict these parameters.

How accurate is ErgoFit?
The relationship between predicted and actual measurements (in scientific terms) is measured by statistical values such as correlation coefficients and 95% confidence intervals. Using these means, we can confidently say that ErgoFit will predict an optimal fitting for over 95% of individuals. For those that fall outside of this range, the 5 step check will correct any errors and provide the perfect fit. ErgoFit therefore ensures that the rider is optimally fitted with respect to comfort, performance and injury prevention 100% of the time.

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