Herbalife - Hydrate - Supports Hydration with Electrolytes (1433)
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Hydrate is developed by experts in sports nutrition. This unique calorie free hypotonic drink helps promote fluid absorption, providing electrolytes and B vitamins. In a light orange flavour, Hydrate is the perfect option for effective hydration throughout the day.

Hydration is key for performance. Replenish your body with electrolytes to enhance fluid absorption, ensuring you are hydrated and ready to perform at your best. Hydrate contains less than 1 g of sugar and carbohydrate-metabolism supporting B Vitamins. When mixed with water, it’s the perfect any-time hydration option.

Key Benefits of Herbalife Hydrate

Hydration anytime, for anyone 100% RDA of the antioxidant vitamin C Contains the electrolytes sodium, calcium and magnesium for rapid body fluid restoration Low calorie and sugar free Source of energy supporting B vitamins including B1 and B12.

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