Herbalife - Prolong - dual-source carbohydrate (1435)
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Nutrition is vital to power your performance. Prolong’s dual-source blend of carbohydrates facilitates caloric utilisation for sustained performance. Whey protein acts as a protective measure, reducing muscle breakdown during prolonged exercise. Prolong is easy-to-drink with a light, subtle flavour.

Key Benefits
Sustain performance with dual-source carbohydrates, protein and sodium With protein to support muscle synthesis and recovery B vitamins, including B1 and B12, support energy metabolism 100% RDA of vitamin C helps combat free radicals Isotonic formula for efficient carbohydrate and fluid uptake.

Prolong is developed by experts in sports nutrition. This unique isotonic drink combines dual-sourced carbohydrates and whey protein isolate to enhance sports performance during prolonged exercise. Enriched with Vitamin C and B vitamins (including niacin and pantothenic acid), this drink helps you maintain effective hydration and provides antioxidant protection, all in a light, subtle flavour.

Hear what Dr. John Heiss has to say: video.

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