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Recovering after intense aerobic activity requires both replenishing glycogen and rebuilding muscle. Rebuild Endurance contains an engineered blend of carbohydrates to help jump-start glycogen replenishment. A selected blend of milk protein, glutamine and L-Carnitine aid muscle recovery and help support the immune system. Quickly metabolised whey protein, and slower-release casein protein create a rapid and sustained muscle building state.

Key Benefits
Rich in protein, from milk protein concentrate and whey protein isolate Designed to help speed recovery with a unique carbohydrate-protein blend to support muscle glycogen replenishment and rebuild muscle during the critical post-exercise period L-Glutamine to support the immune system, which becomes stressed by exercise Includes L-Carnitine to aid muscle metabolism and recovery after exercise.

Rebuild Endurance is developed by experts in sports nutrition. This unique high protein sports drink is enriched with L-Glutamine and L-Carnitine for post high intensity aerobic exercise. The 3.5:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein is designed to replenish glycogen and rebuild muscle, reducing recovery time as your body works to regenerate itself.

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