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We told Steve when we booked him we were not “real bikers” and little did he realize how unskilled we were on MBT routes. My husband and I didn’t want to cycle from “A” to “B” nor did we want to join a tour, as my husband is 69 and I am 68 and we didn’t want to feel pressured in anyway if I couldn’t keep up with other members of a group. So Steve picked us up at the different hotels we had booked, and planned some amazing days of cycling. I had never been on MBT routes before and found it very tough at times but Steve was always there to encourage and push my bike when I was struggling. He was so kind and professional; he didn’t once make me feel incompetent. I am so thankful for his encouragement as I did things I didn’t dream I would do, just worth all the pain to be amongst the most beautiful South African scenery. We had been concerned about the safety aspects of cycling in SA, but we felt confident with Steve and had the feeling he could handle any crisis but thankfully nothing happened. We would love to do it again.

Couldn’t recommend Steve more highly. He is obviously very versatile, he cycles with “Real Bikers” from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town and he also made us both feel comfortable with our level of competence.
Chris - UK 2016-03-07